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A Rhododendron Nursery

Every plant has a story...

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It's Fall at last - time for planting. To help with that, Chimacum Woods is scheduling two Open Garden Weekends plus a Heronswood Plant Sale.

On the weekends of Sept. 9 – 10 and Sept. 16 – 17 we will open the nursery from 10 to 5.  You won’t need to phone; just come and bring a friend.  Walk in the woods if you like (“forest-bathe”).  Picnic if you like. We will have some of our larger specimens for sale as well as our regular two-gallon rhodies. We have spent the summer getting our plants ready for your garden. We are including several species for the first time - R. mekongenseR. balangense and R. moupinense. We also have a good supply of our Pacific coast natives, R. macrophyllum (Washington's State Flower) and R. occidentale, the fragrant deciduous azalea.

On Saturday, September 23, Heronswood Garden will hold their Autumn sale and we’ll be there along with other specialty growers. 7530 NE 288th St., Kingston WA 98346. Hours are 10 - 2.

As always, you are welcome to come at other times as well. Although we can't keep 9 - 5 hours seven days a week, we are usually here and glad if you phone us (206-383-2713)  to let us know you want to visit and/or pick out a plant or two.

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Chimacum Woods is a rhododendron garden and nursery located on eighteen acres of Washington state's Olympic Peninsula.

Founded and managed by Robert Zimmermann and Beth Orling, we offer a large variety of species rhododendrons for sale—including many rare and unusual types—all grown from seed as much as possible for the sake of biodiversity. We augment this selection with a variety of cutting-grown plants taken from recognized superior forms of selected species.

Most of all, we are passionate about sharing, educating, enjoying, and preserving endangered species rhododendrons for future generations.


We  welcome the public to make appointments to walk in our quiet woodland garden. Whether alone or in small family groups, our peaceful setting and fresh air will foster health in mind, body, and spirit. 

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Choose a plant from our nursery, or purchase from one of our nursery partners.

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We’re open for quiet walks by appointment only between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm most days.

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We are passionate about educating people in the importance of preserving endangered rhododendron species for future generations.

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