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Touring Our Woodland Garden

We invite you to "walk the woods"—alone, in family groups, or with a field trip for your school kids who are home. Our garden is on a hillside - not much level ground - so wear some sturdy shoes. The paths are clearly marked.


Our gardens are open by appointment (especially during pandemic time) on most days, between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. We ask that you call Bob in advance at 206-383-2713 to request a time.

When you arrive, we'll greet you with “namaste” and ask you to spray the soles of your shoes with alcohol that we’ll provide (hands too if you wish!) to prevent the trans-mission of plant diseases.


We'll then offer some poetry and other “meditation” starts that you are welcome to take along on your walk as we direct you to the woodland garden.

You are welcome to bring your own lunch or snacks and find a quiet, secluded spot to enjoy them. We have some tables and chairs available for your use.


During your visit, we are happy to answer questions or tell you more about the rhodies, Should you wish to take a rhody home for your garden, we accept checks (preferred) or cash.

Ensuring a Safe Visit
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Call to schedule an appointment

spray white 3-34456.png

Spray your shoes to prevent disease

6 feet distance icon.png

Maintain a safe 6 foot distance from staff

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Text us with questions (include photos)

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