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   Come and visit ....just call ahead if it's not an OPEN GARDEN day

We hope you will visit the fine nurseries that carry our plants.  Click on Nurseries and Associations  to find one near you. 

The following question/answer appeared in Ciscoe Morris'  Seattle Times September 4, 2014, gardening column:

Q: I want to replace one of my large rhodies with a smaller one. Is now a good time to plant and do you have a recommendation for an unusual one that wonít get too big?

A: Fall is a great time to plant a new rhody, and the variety youíre looking for is Rhododendron lepidostylum. Itís the coolest new rhody Iíve seen for a long time and the ideal plant for a plant collector with a small garden. A dwarf, this little rhody forms an attractive mound and will grow to only 3 feet tall and wide in 30 years.

This gem features fuzzy, small leaves with a blue cast that remain colorful in all seasons. Add to that soft yellow flowers that contrast beautifully with the blue foliage, and youíve got a real winner. Better yet, it blooms in late May and June, when most all of the other rhodies are finished blooming. Finally, itís hardy to minus 5 degrees and is easy to grow in any open location that provides morning sun or light shade. How could anyone in their right mind resist this plant?

The good news is that this magnificent little rhododendron will be available at the Chimacum Woods booth at the Northwest Horticulture Society Fall Plant Sale on Sept. 12-13. The bad news is that theyíre bringing only about nine of them, so get there early on the first day and bring your pepper spray so you can fight your way in to get one before they sell out.

Sudden Oak Death Certification

Chimacum Woods has Washington State certification for freedom from Sudden   Oak Death.  See Sudden Oak Death Certificate for more details.


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