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"Every plant has a story . . . ."

Following is a list of the outstanding plants that we normally have for sale.  Click on highlighted name for detailed description and photos.  Contact us for electronic or printed price list and current availability.

R. adenogynum - restrained growth, usually wider than high, leaves have a bluish gray cast, spongy orangish brown indumentum, light pink to white flowers.

R. ambiguum - pale yellow - fragrant leaves - makes a great screen - willowy growth - takes full sun. 

R. arboreum - a mid April bloomer with shiny dark leaves and plastered indumentum.  Will become a tree.

R. argipeplum - a red that blooms in February or March.  Wonderful hairs on leaf and stem, smooth polished red bark with time.

R. argyrophyllum - we offer ssp. hypoglaucum, a form with bronzy new growth.  Underside of leaves are white.  Light pink flowers.

R. arizelum - wonderfully fuzzy orange indumentum coats the underside of the large leaves -- flowers vary from cream to yellow to pink -- branches readily.

R. auriculatum - blooms in July/August for a great late season - Tree-like when mature - evergreen, hardy - deliciously fragrant white-to-pink trumpet-shaped flowers.

R. barbatum - red - upright, full - will develop smooth, red peeling bark - blooms early with bold statements of bright red!  Some have hairy stems; all have hairs at leaf base. 

R. basilicum - a little known big-leaf with glorious new growth in silvery tones - creamy white flowers in large trusses - tree-like.

R. bureavii- outstanding indumented plant whose leaves are dark green on top.  White heavily spotted flowers.

R. calophytum - pinkish or white with dark spot in throat - long, slender leaves. 

R. camelliiflorum - a twisty, twining wonder that looks great in a stump or a hanging basket.

R. campanulatum - deep green elliptical leaves with tawny indumentum.

R. campanulatum ssp. aeruginosum (Blue Ox Form)

R. canadense - a deciduous azalea native to the east coast of North America.  Strap-like petals on the purple stems.

R. cinnabarinum - bluish, fragrant foliage and tubular pink to purplish flowers.  Some forms with yellow or red flowers.

R. coeloneuron - a new introduction.  Fast growing, blooms freely with soft pink flowers.  Interesting leaves with deep veins and a wooly brown indumentum.

R. concinnum - willowy growth makes this a great screening plant - smaller, fragrant leaves - takes the sun - reddish purple flowers.

R. cerasinum - deep dark red - seed collected from Tibet - If you look at the flowers with the sun behind them, they GLOW.  

R. degronianum ssp. heptamerum var. hondoense - stunning pink flowers on a compact shrub

R. dendrocharis - a choice, free-flowering dwarf that would enjoy being planted in a hanging basket

R. diaprepes - related to decorum.  Late flowering (June - July) with white fragrant flowers.  Vigorous.

R. dichroanthum - a compact shrub with late flowers in shades of orange, red and yellow.  Likes some sun.

R. decorum - upright and full - foliage has a bluish cast - fragrant, white flowers. 

R. elegantulum  - a REAL GEM.  Slow growing, smaller plant with pink to white flowers. Vigorous.

R. erosum - a fine foliage plant with bristles, deeply-veined leaves with heart-shaped connection at the petiole.  New growth is plum-colored.  Bright red flowers.

R. excellens - distinctive large leaves with goldish/gray look - this tropical rhodie makes a great pot plant - protect from winter frost - a garage will do. 

R. eximium - excellent big leaves with rich golden orange indumentum, trusses of 12 to 25 yellow blooms - estimate hardy to 15 degrees F.

R. facetum - newly re-introduced Chinese beauty - new growth is covered in tawny indumentum that streams away in the wind. - hardy to 10 degrees. 

R. falconeri - big-leaved plant with matt rugose leaves on the upper side, thick rust brown indumentum on the underside.  Yellow flowers feature a blotch of purple red.

R. faucium - relatively unknown good doer - native to Tibet - smooth peeling reddish bark - a great plant! - distinctive blunt tipped leaves. 

R. fictolacteum - lovely brown indumentum on deep green leaves makes this rhodie a show-stopper. 

R. flinckii - wonderfully indumented leaves, both top and bottom

R. fortunei - pale pink or greenish white - Vigorous, upright, good doer with purplish stems. 

R. fulgens - early bloomer with red flowers and beautiful indumentum on a compact shrub.  Not often seen.

R. fulvum - beautifully polished dark green leaves are highlighted with and orange indumentum on the underside.  Very lovely pink flowers with a small dark blotch deep in the throat.

R. glanduliferum - large, fragrant; when it blooms, its in August or September

R. gongshanense - light to dark red flowers - Rough narrow foliage with prominent veins - Bronze new growth and hairy underleaf - Species native to the Gaoligang mountains in NW Yunnan, China.

R. grande - early blooming white with long leaves, good for container as hardiness is 15 to 20 degrees.

R. griffithianum - large flowered tree like rhody with smooth bark.  Tender and requires protection in the Northwest winter.

R. hodgsonii - rosy pink - beautiful peeling bark - leaves with a bluish cast and silvery overlay - slow growing - six year old plants.

R. hookeri - an upright growing shurb with smooth, gray and maroon bark.  The leaves have tufts of hairs (hooks!) on the lateral veins.  But it is named after Sir Joseph Hooker.

R. huianum -a well-rounded shrub with lavender flowers and showy calyx

R. insigne - candy-striped flowers of pink and white support beautifully polished dark green leaves

R. irroratum - Ningyuenense Group - Rare creamy yellow form- upright, vigorous and tough - takes sun - wide spreading with decumbent branches - lighter green leaves than some species.

R. kesangiae - most likely the hardiest of the big-leaf rhododendrons -- a good do-er with pink flowers in large trusses

R. keiskei - a petite Japanese gift with delicate pale yellow flowers

R. keysii - totally unique tubular flowers mass together in shades of red, orange and yellow on a willowy plant.

R. lanigerum - deep green leaves make this a regal shrub.  Bright red flowers are outstanding.  20 to 35 flowers in each truss.  Buds are large and round.

R. lepidostylum - A diminutive bristly, yellow-flowering, blue foliage plant.

R. lindleyi - delicate, funnel-shaped creamy white FRAGRANT flowers may be tinged with pink - drape it over a fence or stump and enjoy the sweet fragrance.

R. macabeanum - purple spot in throat - probably the best of the "big leaves" - this tree-like rhody with its big flowers and shiny dark green leathery leaves with a yellow midrib and indumentum could grow in a large pot - always attracts attention. 

R. macrophyllum - our native western rhododendron.  The state flower of Washington.  Summer drought tolerant once established.

R. mallotum  - gorgeous thick orange indumentum on the underside of the rugose leaves.  Red flowers on a well behaved shrub.

R. moupinense - a low-growing willowy plant with small leaves.  Our plants are bred from a redder than usual strain.

R. neriiflorum -  lovely soft red - dependable bloomer - light fuzzy, recurved leaves have a slight bluish cast.

R. nipponicum - a deciduous Japanese azalea with white bell-shaped flowers

R. niveum - smoky purple in outstanding tight many flowered truss- beautiful new growth with silvery hairs - indumentum starts white and turns grey.

R. nudipes - a deciduous Japanese azalea that has soft apple-green leaves.  Blooms white in mid-summer, then produces nice fall color.

R. occidentale - a lovely, delicate and fragrant west coast native azalea.

R. orbiculare - leaves are like little lily pads -- the plant tends to grow in tiers giving a feel for the Far East -- flowers in a nice pink shade.

R. ochraceum - a compact plant with frosty foliage and bright red flowers

R. oreotrephes - dainty flower and bluish foliage combine with modest size for smaller spaces.

R. pachysanthum - the GEM of the species.  Beautiful silver, gray, rust flecked foliage with orange indumentum and soft pink to white flowers on a ball of a plant.  Likes sun.

R. praestans   A wonderful HARDY slow-growing big-leaf rhody two specimens in lovely urns would look fabulous framing an entry way!

R. prattii - An open-structured slow-growing shrub with white flowers.

R. protistum - pale rose to crimson purple - huge leaves - tropical NW at its best - makes a great pot plant - needs winter protection.  

R. pseudochrysanthum - A dwarf gem - low growing evergreen with rigid foliage - hardy - has a lovely distinct form - flowers are white flushed pink.

R. qiaojiaense  - compact branching shrub with white flowers and bronze new growth

R. quinquefolium- highly-prized deciduous Japanese azalea with amazingly beautiful leaves

R. rex, ssp. rex -- big, glossy green leaves are the hallmark of this big-leaf rhody -- white to pinkish flowers come in large trusses

R. rothschildii - variable from white to cream to rose - a naturally occurring hybrid between two distinct species that has established itself in self-sustaining stands.  A very handsome plant. 

R. roxieanum var. oreonastes - flowers are white with purple spots - long narrow distinct leaves - raised here in Western Washington, it's hardy, well behaved and relatively slow-growing.

R. rubiginosum - purplish pink - willowy upright growth - makes a great screen - takes sun - blooms easily - good doer. 

R. sanctum - a Japanese deciduous azalea with rhombic leaves and purple flowers.

R. sichotense - a hardy Siberian plant with delicate (early!) purple flowers.  Ours is already blooming in January.

R. sinofalconeri - yellow - expect this plant to grow into a vigorous, tall , large-leafed evergreen tree - native to Northwest Yunnan, China. 

R. sinogrande - creamy white or pale yellow - the largest leaves of all the big leaf rhodies.  Grows to 50' in the wild. 

R. souliei - wonderfully soft pink  - blue green new growth - rounded heart-shaped leaves - a real princess of a plant - Grown from seed as it will not root from cuttings.

R. spinuliferum - pale to bright orange - Unique flower is like a firecracker - open widely spreading growth habit - sun or shade - not for the coldest areas - distinctive small hairy leaves. 

R. stewartianum - an unusual plant from wild collected seed.

R. strigillosum - early season beautiful full red trusses - recurved hairy leaves and stems - beautiful new growth - takes sun - compact growth - simply superb! 

R. thomsonii - A mid-spring bloomer with bright red bell-shaped flowers - large evergreen with reddish peeling bark.

R. tsaii - A new introduction originally from Yunnan - small-leaved - delicate purple flowers - likes the sun - would look great in a rock garden.

R. uvarifolium - a regal bush with long, dark leaves and pink flowers

R. uvarifolium var. griseum - white with crimson spot in throat - forebears from Tibet - great glossy leaves with white indumentum on the underside. 

R. vernicosum - white with pink overtones - an easily grown plant - vigorous grower - will eventually become a large shrub. 

R. williamsianum - dwarf or low growing species with rounded leaves and bronze new growth.  The pink to white bells will cove the plant.

R. yunnanense - white with pink spotting - tall growing lighter textured, willowy plant which will make a beautiful specimen or when planted in a group can make a great screen - can take some sun - ours are large and sprawling.

R. xanthostephanum - bright yellow small flowers - Lovely red peeling bark - probably best as a pot plant - needs to be trained and pruned for shape - somewhat tender. 

R. zaleucum - graceful and willowy, will take sun and bloom easily - early growth is often reddish or bronzy - flowers are white flushed with pastel tones.

We have many other rhododendron species.  Please contact us for additional species that interest you.


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